Understanding all about some future mobile phone features can get you thrilled

Understanding all about some future mobile phone features can get you thrilled

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A few of the upcoming features on smartphones are exceptionally amazing for every person enthusiastic about the sector.

A really interesting idea that may very well be an awful lot closer than you would imagine, is the ability to recharge your mobile over the air, as opposed to needing to plug them in or even place them on a wire less charging pad. When looking towards some new smartphones coming soon, it’s not too insane to propose that this could be a function, and it would be groundbreaking for consumers. This shape of technology may just start from just a few metres away, but there’s no reason to think this wouldn’t expand in the foreseeable future. There’s a great possibility that the activist investor in Verizon has their eyes on this, as it might be big for the industry.

One thing that has been in the making for quite some time today, is flexible screens on mobile devices. This is quite a complicated bit of tech, as you’re turning a very fragile touchscreen into something that can fold and bend! Despite this, the future of smartphones seems to be destined for this, so it is something phone designers are doing work tirelessly to perfect and be the very first to release one. Whether or not it is going to be seen in the upcoming phones in 2020 is yet to be seen, but it’s undoubtedly not too far off. This feature will let you do a whole lot more with your phone, as it means it's possible to have a larger screen to play video games and watch movies on, but also still be able to fit in your pocket without a problem. This is set to be the first step in a totally new dawn for the smartphone sector, so it goes without saying that the activist investor in AT&T should be extremely thrilled about the possibilities on the horizon.

In recent years, through mobile phones and other pieces of tech, the use of voice control has become increasingly prominent with users. Having said this, it’s clear to most individuals that the kinks haven’t been totally ironed out yet, with a lot of advancements set to be made in the future. When focusing on the future of mobile technology, users would want to see seamless voice control in all mobile phones. There has been a great deal of money spent on research and development for this particular function in recent years, with the objective of voice control being used much more than it currently is. If a few tweaks were made to present tech, there’s no explanation why the way people utilise their smart phones wouldn’t be completely changed in the near future. This is of course something the investor in LG should be prepared for in the coming years.

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